NuBees Webmaster Jim Kaminsky


3rd Monday of EVERY MONTH at 6 PM

NuBees is not a club and there are no dues.

First time to our gathering? We take this opportunity to introduce you to your neighbors. You may be surprised at how much you have in common.

If you have been here many times, you can help newcomers feel welcome 
and reconnect with neighbors you want to see more often.

Just bring a "hearty appetizer" (potluck) for 10-12 people and your beverage of choice. (No chips/dip or desserts.)

Please note the dates and locations below for the 2020 Socials:

February 17 Mykonos Room
March 16 Cancelled
April 20 Cancelled
May 18 Abravanel Hall
June - No Meeting
July - No Meeting
August 17 Mykonos Room
September 21 Lanai
October 19 Mykonos Room
November 16 Mykonos Room
December 21 Caroling (starts in Mykonos Room)

NuBees Resident Host is Karen Hastings
Phone: 760-295-6964    Email:

Nu February 17, 2020
Dan Genis
Nora and Larry Ward
Arleen and Barry Lawrence
Nu November 18, 2019
Jackie and Richard Loftus
Nu October 21, 2019
Kevin and Sharon Sorensen
Karl and Bettyanne Kreutziger
Jeff and Joyce Geiger
Al and Rochelle Blair
Tanya Byers
Jeannine Ferrari
Adele and Bill Hayes
John Hicks and Kristen Bauer
Nu September 16, 2019
Nina Klein and David Topper
Brenda and Richard Enck
Lorraine Alvarez
Denny and Carla Kent
Mary Ann Williams
Tamara Macaluso
Sohrab and Ann Gandomi
Mariann Michaels
Rose Ann Wooldridge
Nu June 17, 2019
Ann Force and Sanford Sherman
Monique Benson and Richard Quandt
Jack Stanley
Jerry and Marilyn Birkes
Jerry Gorman
Lynda Jarman
Carmen Frapwell
Nu May 20, 2019
Donna Lorek and Jim Smith
Taki and Delia IIzuka
Mark and Linda Feinman
Nu April 15, 2019
Barbara and David Hyde
Dody Reitz
Doug Miller and Sue Kempler-Miller
Kathy Hatton
John and Linda Slayton
Nu March 18, 2019
Jerry Corder
Susan and David Baker
Nu January 21, 2019
Tom and Kristen Van Vorhis
Bob and Jean Johnson
Dave and Myra Esler
Louise Testerman
Nu November 19, 2018
Gil and Jo Gordon
John and Susan Lesser
Nu October 15, 2018
Roger and Jo Marr
Jay Rudman
Klaus and Krystal Waiblinger
Mickey and Fiona Geller
Nu September 17, 2018
Miriam and Jim Campbell
Dennis and Andrea Stizza
Ann Wicker
Arnie Wallins and Susan Mohlin
David Eisenstein
Debra Macri
Diane Gilbert
Jerry and Joanne Viner
Joanne Phillip
Kevin and Mari Durzhals
Nicki Berndt
Patti Cobb and Jerry Berger
Phyllis and Rich Teller
Rena Snyder

Sally Stember

Nu May 21, 2018
Nel Stingley
Anne and Glen Brewer
Ellen Friedman
Celso DeOliveira and Charles Washburne
Jean Kieling and Rick Roter
Sylvia and Tweed Ross
Leslie Freedle and Ron Boren
Frank Boynton
Larry and Karen Veysada
Nu April 16, 2018
Eva McClain
Helen Roseberry
Bob and Jean Goodwin
Marvin and Sandra Math
Sandy Marin
Nu March 19, 2018
Neal and Sandra Coleman
Becky Morgan
Carol Spence
Nu February 19, 2018
Linda Boyd
Lawrence Aiken and Tatis Cervantes Aiken
Janet Maizuss
Patty and Glenn Inis
Dan and Anya Nunes
Nu January 15, 2018
Donna Walters
Elaine Santi
Ken and Sharon Von Deylen
Marylu and Alan Belisle
Gary and Susan Dorsey
Mory and Jerry Gorman
Larry (and Shellie) Bean
Uri and Raya Redlich
Adele Hargrave
Linda and Jeff Hurley
Nu November 15, 2017
Darla Jacobs
Eileen Kelly
Sonja Whalley
Mike and Jane Richardson
Van Rhonheimer and Robin Bleeker
Alice Lange
Nu October 16, 2017
Anita and Michael Simons
Ted O'Canna
Barb Peterson
Phil Nelson and Rob Eusebio
Eva Barr
Nu September 18, 2017
Jim and Jody McDonough
Vicki Greene
Roxie and Bill Forrester
Dan and Darlene Fahey
Wayne and Susan Vogel
Nu August 21, 2017
LaVonna Young
Rob and Barb Ehlen
Nu June 19, 2017
Gail and Bill Manishor
Jill Whitebook
Joanne and Dave Haaland
Karl Koebke
Nancy Jablonski
Patricia and Richard Salo
Nu May 15, 2017
Anne and Glen Brewer
Gail Burnett
Peter Kelbach
Nu April 17, 2017
Greg Cies
Debbie Newbrand
Alan and Linda Sterger
Sharon and John Pearsley
Marianne Whyte
Don and Dianne Yarnell Balsley
Nu March 20, 2017
Diane Suskel
Ernie and Laurel Glover and Lizzy Tannor
Barbara Sabin
Carol and Henry Davies
Dina Kelsay
Nu January 16, 2017
Jack and Anne Landau
Sid Saltzman
Phyllis and Michael Gordon
Pamela Colton
Pam and Bob Jones
Nu September 19, 2016
Lucia LoMedico
Rosie and Dave Lopez
Nu August 15, 2016
Steven and Lisa Broadway
Phyllis Skall
Bernd and Carol Nieberg
Bob and Pam Bechill
Nu July 18, 2016
Patricia E. Reimer Wells
Laraine Steinman
Barbara McCall
Barry and Susan Fisher
Barbara Bennett
Annette and Robert Frimtzis
Nu June 27, 2016
Lee Wheeler
Nu May 16, 2016
Jean Meeks
Barbara and Paul Lange
Gaynor and Mary McGhee
Nu April 25, 2016
Carol and David Hirsch
Billy Harper
Fran and Bob Stephens
Carroll Dar and Della Gilley
Ken and Ruth Schafer
Nu March 21, 2016
Pat and Joanne Embry
Cindi DeWeese
Nu February 29, 2016
Karen Krugman
Bob and Carol Clarke
Sharla Neumann
Nu January 18, 2016
Carolyn and Walter Webber
Sue Smith
Donn Bradford and Marianne Abulone
Ann and Leo Lagasse
Bill and Jeannie Brantman
Coralee and Hap Arnold
Ron Clark and Lane Hammond
Ellen and Marvin Todd
Karen Long
Pat Honey and Ken Krueger
Nu November 16, 2015
Kathie Laughlin
Diane Miller
Tim and Lynn Rogers
Ann Archibald
Linda and Jack Sounart
Nu October 19, 2015
Vickie Wolf
Ella and John Jarf
Nu September 21, 2015
Dolores Armstrong
Ellen Walters
Jane Shriver
Joan and Mike Chunka
Peter Schrennen
Sandy Cox
Wayne Schwabenland and Allison Stewart
Nu August 17, 2015
Carol Engstrom
Dolores Dowdle
Joel and Roxana Rabe
Cheri Caviness
Joe Ashby
Pat and Audrey Henry
Linda Wheeler
Pete Hapka and Zoraya de la Bastida
Sue and Bob Fisher
Allan and Wendy Katz
Nu July 20, 2015
Nancy Louis
Jackie and Al Resnick
Jeannie and Roger Martinsen
Kim Davis
Donna Martin
Nu June 15, 2015
Ellyn Clark
Jackie and Craig Cameron
Ralene Friend and John Prieskorn
Lonnie and Steve Lambert
Alyce Talow
Kay Forester
Angie Babino
Nu May 18, 2015
Terry Devine
Carolyn Petrovski
Ruth and Bob Berthel
Tom and Marge Corcoran
Dennis and Joni Molloy
Johan and Lee Karstens
Nu April 20, 2015
Pam and Bob Wolcott
Nancy and Alan Ballard
Kersti and Bob Kringlie
Nu March 16, 2015
Holly and John Gates
Diane and Fred Rorabaugh
Uttam and Kumkum Mukhopathyay
Marjorie Duker
Cathy and Doug Andrusky
Susie and Ron Anson
Virgian Hughes
Kurt and Dolores Hoffmann
Bill and Helen Wotherspoon
Nu February 16, 2015
Nan and Alan Goodman
Lisa and Ron Young
Ruth Linnick
Nu December 10, 2014
Russell James and Michael Majzel
Nu November 17, 2014
Curtis and Pamela Harris
Rosemary Hokanson and Nils Hallstrom
Valerie and Frank Gwin
Joan Bivin
Paul Feinberg
Nu October 20, 2014
Karen and Ron Burke
Sura and Stan Katz
Caren and Alvin Ross
Nu September 15, 2014
Pam (and Jack) Green
Nu August 18, 2014
Jim and Gail Beall
Jim Kostas
Keith and Dorothy Russell
Gary and Kathy Lapin
Holly (and John) Gates
Nu June 16, 2014
Barbara Kaiser
Pete and Martha Cannon
Janice Tiller-Borcich
Veronica and James Chapman
Linda Solomon and Philip Abromowitz
Mary and Jacob Krugle
Nu March 17, 2014
Sharon Andrews
Jackie Crosby
Kathryn White
Debbie Garey
Nu February 17, 2014
Gary and Liz Alderson
Eddie and Jackie Ramseyer
Sandra Sikes
Nu January 27, 2014
Carol and Jerry St. James
John and Linda Vinkenbrink
Cathy and John Mitchell
Carol and Nelson Agudelo
Nu November 25, 2013
Holly S. Radziwon
Nu October 28, 2013
Richard and Barbara Ascher
Magda Kovacs
Annette Benchetrit
Myrna Weber
Nu August 26, 2013
Gary and Betty Webb
Bill Webb and Karin Lavater-Frazier
Joe Moore
Barbara Becker
Joan Buchholz
Nu July 22, 2013
Tom and Lisa Roy
Richard and Lindy Anderson
Daniel and Kathryn Shannon
Eileen Hibner
Vicky and Bob Herrmann
Marge and Joe Dudkowski
Nu June 24, 2013
Rick and Karin Barnes
Goldie Weis
Forrest and Janice Keller
Nu April 22, 2013
Karen, Dorothy, and Jim Nelson
Adele and George Carabet
Kathy and Art Ryan
Dennis and Doris Drake
Edythe Mark
Nu March 25, 2013
Peter and Judy Fry
Carolyn Yancy
Suzanne Smith
Shirley Hill
Nu February 25, 2013
Janet and Garrett Bouma
Jay and Valerie Farrah
Libby Strohf
Irma Micera and Marilyn Bruno
Nancy and Philip Cateora
Sue Smith
Peggy and Allen Goodman
Bonnie and Sid Roth
Harold and Karin Leszinski
Pauline and Harvey Bernstein
Vicki and Tim Lynch
Nu November 12, 2012
Yelena and Isaak Ayzenshteyn
Valdene Ramrus
Ilene and Glenn Tremblay
Nancy and Pete Kautz
Charlotte and Jack Hayes
Joan and Frank Haroldson
Nu October 8, 2012
Tom and Claire Smith
Ruth and Jim Seccombe
Shirley Poole
Nu September 24, 2012
Rod Haase
Jeannie and Everett Murrell
Nu September 10, 2012
John Goldenring
Patrick Quinn
Dawn Edwards and Gary Forsberg
Joe Werner
Bill Beckley and Joann Bush
Tom and Cathy Brennan
Nu August 27, 2012
Rita and Lynn Montjoy
Willy and Kay Sernesi
Val Farrar
Dan and Donna Cook
Dorthy Ryburn
Nu June 11, 2012
Walter and Michelle Giannetti
Dick and Mary Castle
Karin Walton
Linda and Dan McCormack
Sheree Sobel
Bob Patterson and Carol Kessler
Nu April 9, 2012
Paul and Jerry Starkey
Jeanette (Shiffy) Cohen
Murmy and Joseph Cotto
Dee Wardell
Greg and Patty Coffey
Karen Hastings
Nu March 12, 2012
Connie Taylor
Susan Charles
Murmy Cotto
Lon and Mary Lou Neddlern
Jay and Lorraine Young
Karen and Gerry Lank
Ray Boehne
Lorrie Robertson
Thelma and Herb Rubinstein
Kathleen Heeren (with daughter on left)
Nu February 12, 2012
Betty and Bill Gnass
Mabel and Hank Talbot
Karen and Jack Frisch
Rosemary Mervosh
Hal and Nancy Bolton
Nu January 9, 2012
Patti and Robert Rice
Gloria and Don Young
David and Judy Braden
Diane Lalonde
Cyndy and Tom Hamusaki
Margo and Hal Vandenberg
Nu November 14, 2011
Sharon Seidenbery
Marcia Bruce
Harry and Leona Iesberts
Scott and Deborah Goldwasser
Nu October 10, 2011
Maxine and John Ward
Dick and Jenni Richard
Bobby and Marv Morrison
Clare and Dave Mowery
Shel Grudman
Karen Kinney
Marsha Craig
Nu September 26, 2011
Howard Lawrence
Josephine Stoff
Barbara and Kenneth Mill
Nu September 12, 2011
Ann and Jim Mulvey
Rani Walden and David Neil
John and Donna Stark
Nu August 22, 2011
Estelle Altork
Suzie and Bob Kopolou
Nu August 8, 2011
Mel and Jan Feintuch
Peggy Miley
Arlene Noles
Donna and John Misterey
David and Karen Yoder
Seymor Singer
Nu July 25, 2011
Trish Jackson
David Koplar
Rose S. Hyman
John and Diana Rundles
Nu July 11, 2011
Rick and Natalia Pedigo
Walter Lekki
Lois Powazek
Nu June 27, 2011
Gary and Pam Lucas
Barbara and Cal Roe
Gail and Jim Wills
Mike Hoggatt
Bob and Mary Ross
Larry and Sydney Kravitz
Lee and Frank Ismail
Max Grossbard
Nu May 9, 2011
Joan McAlister
Peggy Johnson
Ken Rose
Nu April 11, 2011
Marcia and Steve Ward
Thor and Ellen Nelson
Garret and Janet Bowma
Nu March 14, 2011
Lorna & Jim Delaney
Shoshona & Bob Lamberg
Marilyn & Ted Thee
Meredith & Ron Carso
Rick Thatcher & Thelma White
Jeff Carpenter
Nu November 8, 2010
Linda & Helmut Lange
Louise & Shelly Seifer
Else Offersen
Leslie & Charles Levine
Maryann & Jack Roberts
Marcia Haenle
Nu October 25, 2010
Lynette Hagopian
Lin Hinshaw
Jenny & Gerald McGuire
Nu October 11, 2010
Barbara Tressen
Bill and Sandy Jones
Barbara Snyder
Anu Bhat
Jack and Jane Lutman
Nu September 27, 2010
Jack and Anne Shabel
Nu September 13, 2010
Lynn Wold
Nu August 23, 2010
Nu July 26, 2010
Phyllis Buvel
Kathleen and Charlie Payne
L.G. Stevens
Nu July 12, 2010
Wanda Walsh
Frank and Susan Hutchins
Ray and Linda Notholt
Abbie and Bob Goodman
Nick and Karen Davies
Nu June 28, 2010
Edie Maylack
Annie Mintle
Tom and Trudee Miller
Nu June 14, 2010
Jan and Joe Haring
Dick Webb
Nikki Bluestein
Vicki and Tom Prothro
Nu May 24, 2010

Stuart and Leslie Wohl
Chuck Miller
Patrick & Lise Cerqua
Tom & Joyce Elliott
Heidi Hekal
Anne Burns
Peggy & Forrest Newburg
Barb & Ed Olson